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Rosalind McCourtAbout Ros McCourt

"For 30 years jewellery has been my business, but it's also been my passion since childhood. Expressing yourself through stunning accessories is simply one of the most exciting ways to communicate personality, mood and state of mind. A piece of jewellery can make you feel special, loved, important, alive...that's powerful.

My fascination for beautiful jewellery naturally grew as I did, until it eventually became a hobby. Then I learned what looks good and why, I learned about colour and shape combinations, about quality materials and once I started McCourt's Jewellery, I learned about excellent customer service.

The thing that makes McCourt's Jewellery stand out from the crowd is that everything I'm doing now stems from my desire to find amazing jewellery and share it with others...and because it comes from love of the products, my commitment to you as a customer is second to none. Put simply, I want you to love McCourt's Jewellery as much as I do."

Exquisite jewellery for discerning retailers

McCourts - Truly Distinctive Jewellery